Changes at Barnard: September 2011

Starbucks coffee in Liz’s place–for better, or worse.
(Photo courtesy of Sarah Lipkis)
  • Liz’s Place now serves Starbucks Coffee.

  • Speaking of which, the seating in Liz’s Place is now couches and comfy chairs. So what happened to the old furniture? It’s now out in the lobby.
  • The wireless networks have been updated. The multitude of networks that existed before of been condensed into two: Barnard Guest and Barnard Secure.
  • There have also been some staff changes in the Res Life Office. Courtney Bazan Colvin is now the Associate Director for the Quad, while Frank Cirioni has taken over her old job at Associate Director of the Burbs (aka Plimpton, 110 and Cathedral Gardens).
  • Fourteen departments have added new professors. See the full list here.
  • The class of 2015, with 612 students, is the largest class in Barnard’s history!
  • The class of 2015 is also inaugurating Constellations, a new community-building initiative here on campus. Keep a look out for our full coverage of this new program!

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