Procrastination Websites

Top 10 Procrastination Websites
Alexandra Ley
Looking to put off that history paper? Thinking of ways to liven up your all-nighter in Butler? Check out these websites.
Except don’t, because your GPA will plummet.
But really, check them out.
10. The Onion – Hey, it’s a news website, right? That’s productive!
9. DailyPuppy – It’s basically Facebook for adorable puppies. There absolutely is nothing cuter.
8. Perez Hilton – As long as you’re not doing anything productive with your life, catch up on gossip about other people who get paid to be unproductive.
7. FailBlog – There is just so much failing going on in the world, it’s like a strong reminder that your academic record doesn’t need anymore.
6. FoodGawker – This one’s for the food enthusiast, or just the general food-lover- you can waste all the time in the world gazing at the wonderful pictures of food, or you can actually go to the kitchen and use the recipes to cook them.
5. Sporcle – The great part of this website of “mentally stimulating diversions” is that you might find something that will actually help you study for exams. The sad part is that they’re so easy to skip over for quizzes along the lines of “159 Most Common Movie Title Words” and “Harry Potter Character By First Line.”
4. Tumblr – Be careful with this highly addictive website- everytime you find something cool or funny you want to share with the world, it’s so easy to think that your followers truly care.
3. Twitter – Because everyone wants to know your every thought in 140 characters or less. Follow every celebrity/TV show/business you like/don’t like/have heard of in passing and you won’t be able to tear yourself away.
2. Facebook – When was the last time you updated your status? What about your profile picture? Have you internet-stalked your crush from seventh grade in the last week? Have you posted every interesting thing you’ve found from the other websites on this list?
1. StumbleUpon – It creepy how well this website knows what you like…and it just never ends.


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