Osekre’s Vibe: Road to the Highline

Columbia Talent and a class from Barnard take the Stage

By Olivia Goldman

Last night, Barnard College Music Associate, Jane McMahan’s “Wordmuse Ensemble,” a three credit class offered through the Barnard music department went downtown to the R-Bar on Bowery to perform at “Road to the Highline,” a musical event organized by Ghanaian and Columbia University graduate Ismael Osekre, lead vocalist of the band Osekre’s Vibe. Osekre asked the Worldmuse ensemble to perform songs from Ghana a cappella as an opening act for his band, preceded by two other Columbia artists Taylor Simone and Grace Gibson, both freshmen in Columbia College.
The event was a hit; after his openers, Osekre’s Vibe “rawked” the stage with a fusion of African-inspired jazz and rock music to create a style that genuinely exuded a feeling of prevalent and contagious happiness. While Osekre’s lyrics at times allude to the conflict and problems of Africa, the music sends a clear message not to despair and that the joys in life are inextinguishable.
Olivia Goldman is a first-year at Barnard College and the Arts Editor of the Nine Ways of Knowing



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