Re-tweet of the Union

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Compiled by Lindsay Garten

abledash‎ Goddamn it John Boehner’s already tearing up. Who knows, maybe Biden broke wind. #SOTU

jaredchapman‎ Joe Biden is so white and John Boehner is so red. The look like an angel and a devil hanging out over Obama’s shoulders.
HisMiracle_Love‎ RT @londonDAPS: i know @BarackObama doesnt personally update his twitter, but they coulda at least waited till after the #SOTU so its more realistic
Twitter5 minutes ago
sparklyfarts‎ RT @jenniferisindy: LMAO RT @alexdpratt: Wait a second, if @BarackObama is on Twitter, who’s delivering the State of the Union? #SOTU
konflikt3#ShoutOut to Barack Obama’s Twitter account for keeping me informed while I watch this Florida Vs. UGA game lol
littlemountain‎ Thinks John Boehner looks like he wants to slap Obama on the back of the head. While VP is just thinking “this is a big effing deal” #sotu
gnatknatJoe Biden really wants to clap his hands. Whoops.

johnnytmartin‎ Does Joe Biden realize that in his attempts not to smile the whole time he actually creates the perfect frown? #SOTU
andybaldwinJoe Biden looks like he pooped his pants.

MilesGrant‎ No one is better at facial cheerleading than my boy Joe Biden. #sotu
Sen8torBalo‎ RT @ZenShadow: Where’s your Flag Pin @johnboehner ? Don’t you love your country?
bradleysalmanac‎ Wait, how did @BarackObama just send a twitter message while talking on live TV?! OMG, he’s perfected MIND-TWEETING! Innovation FTW! #SOTU
robertorthman‎ why does John Boehner have a martini kit in front of him? #sotu
StaxIGNJohn Boehner needs to work on his poker face
Michelle_MooreJoe Biden is drunk. He is laughing for no reason. Maybe he has a dirty joke book under that desk #sotu
Ricky_Fontaine‎ Why does John Boehner look like he has bad gas and would rather be at the dentist?
dash8dx‎ I think Joe Biden just grabbed a TV Guide and thumbed through it, thinking “what the hell else is on?”… #SOTU #ADD
RexHuppkeJohn Boehner just thought about puppies and cried a little. #sotu
nickrodriguez‎ RT @erik3815: Kerry and McCain sitting side-by-side sharing notes on how to lose presidential races. #2ndPlace #sotu
SheilaEee‎ Awww…Kerry and McCain are sitting together. The next bromance? As my dad just said, “Losers!” LOLOL! #sotu
lafix‎ Zombie John McCain, with the head of a baby still lodged in his neck, eyes the Supreme Court Justices for dessert..
WoodsmanHans‎ RT @paulandstorm: [S] Awww….sitting together, Johns Kerry and McCain look like Pooh and Tigger.
willdavepete‎ RT @ashleygardnerpr: I am pretty sure Joe Biden is texting during the state of the union address right now…
awirtanenJohn Boehner doesn’t want to go places in half the time, and enjoys the pat-down. #SOTU
ColinDMacDonald John Boehner applauded the DREAM Act. Maybe it’s time we finally let people who’ve known no home but the USA to better the land they love.
mikecookafc‎ If you have an HDTV, I recommend going to ‘Menu’ and lowering your set’s ‘Saturation’ values 15% to compensate for John Boehner’s tan
writebyjoeMcCain wants to double our exports by 2014, too, by sending all the immigrants back home
CoachB0066‎ Does anyone feel that this is the first time Joe Biden has heard some of theses stats? #sotu #potus #edchat
ravisbarnetteJoe Biden can’t stop laughing when the camera cuts away #whatssofunnyJOE !?!?!
iamjasiJohn Boehner gives new meaning to technicolor…#sotu
CivilWarSyndrom‎ What’s with John Boehner’s skin tone? Is he trying out for Jersey Shore? #SOTU #SpeakeroftheTaningSalon
DudeKevinJoe Biden: representing the constipated Americans from sea to shining sea
lghollingsworth#SOTU is exactly what I thought it would be, Joe Biden picking his boogers.
ascottlarockJohn Boehner is the same color as Snooki. #SOTU
kyleveazey @mbjclay salmon was a veiled shot at Boehner’s skin tone.
TheGameCritique‎ Was I the only one who thought the way McCain was clapping to the vetoing of earmarks funny #SOTU
RobBenedict‎ here’s a fun game: try adjusting the tint on your tv to see how orange you can make john boehner.
Victorio_MJohn Boehner looks like Count Chocula. #fact #SOTU
sfoshee1‎ RT @GovTwit Interesting @barackobama uses Canadian-based @hootsuite vs US-based @CoTweet as his #Twitter platform for #sotu tweets #gov20
CunningDC‎ I’d like to play poker with John Boehner #alltells #sotu
MattMackowiak RT @mindyfinn Sign it’s 2011. I have received 1 email since #sotu started and 1000s of tweets.
KevinRichert‎ Meg: I saw that too. The mention of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell seemed to drop the temperature in the room a degree or two. #OPEDSOTU #SOTU.
HWnewbieCR Biden shout out “Working class kid from Scranton.” [first pump]
Aine‎ so barack threw a salmon down the mine shaft… saving the chilean miners.
mikey_franklin‎ “He designed a rescue known as Plan B” Emergency Contraception saves Chilean miners. #SOTU
librarian_kateJoe Biden gives a fist pump. The entire cast of Jersey Shore watches the #sotu for the first time.
malikshareef‎ I had the best time watching Joe Biden and John Boehner the entire speech. Biden trying not to laugh and Boehner trying not to cry.
Twitter1 minute ago
YoungKemoSabi#unlikelyheadlines Michelle Obama confesses to tweeting from Barack Twitter account while checking his texts…
Lindsay is a Sophomore at Barnard College and is a Co-Founder and Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Nine Ways of Knowing.

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